Shown in RISE, a group exhibit benefiting Art With Heart, at CORE GALLERY, January,  2017
     This is a triptych in ink and colored pencil, each drawing is 8.5” x 5.5”
     They are titled, ‘the Abandoned Room 1, 2 and 3’.  All three pieces are $500.  
     I created this triptych to illustrate a process on my way to healing from trauma that happened when I was 11 years old in 1971. 
     I was bullied for being a homosexual, when I was not even aware that I was.  I didn’t really know what that was.  Kids that I thought were my good friends, turned on me with taunts of ‘Faggot’, pushing me around, threatening and chasing me home after school.  Crank phone calls terrorized me in the evenings.  After six months of hell, my family  coincidentally moved to another town.
     I felt scared, betrayed, lost and confused. I was encouraged by my parents, in their shame and self-involvement,  to forget.  In fact, they don’t remember it happening to me.  Something horrible happened to me,  and I couldn’t understand what or why.  I went into a deep denial,  though I was realizing the truth about myself, that I was a homosexual.
     As an adult,  it took me years of therapy to make all the connections; why I had so much internalized self-loathing, felt complete mistrust in the world and had thoughts of suicide.  I traveled  back in time to connect with, give support to, and forgive my helpless younger self.​

The Abandoned Room

​​​Grego Rachko